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Called to Serve is a wonderful peek inside the very heart and soul of our country’s first responders.

Jean Becker, author and former chief of staff of President George H. W. Bush

Called to Serve: The Inspiring, Untold Stories of America's First Responders

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Skyhorse PublishingPublished by Skyhorse Publishing.

Called to Serve

The Inspiring, Untold Stories of America's First Responders

Skyhorse Publishing, 2022

Join brave American men and women first responders in sixteen inspiring tales of heroism.

There is no question that it has been a rough few years for America and around the world. But along with news of the COVID-19 pandemic, new variants, wildfires, etc., there also emerged stories of heroism, courage, and what it truly means to be an American.

Called to Serve: The Inspiring, Untold Stories of America’s First Responders tells sixteen stories of America’s unsung heroes. These brave police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical professionals risk their lives every day, not knowing if it will be their last. Readers will get an inside look into their lives on and off the job, often revealing the challenges and triumphs of keeping us healthy and safe.

The book takes the reader on a very personal journey of what it is like to handle life and death situations and the toll it takes on first responders. From policing drug infested neighborhoods, pulling firefighters’ bodies from the ruble at Ground Zero and letting families cry on your shoulder after their loved one was murdered—to being an Elvis impersonator to raise money for fallen firefighters—these remarkable individuals are America’s finest. Called to Serve will give every American a deep appreciation of what first responders’ lives are really like, and their unwavering dedication to serve and protect every American.

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